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Disco: Bringing High-Energy Music Experiences to Austin

Austin-based Disco has exploded onto the scene with a blast of excitement and entertainment. With its distinctive blend of ’70s and ’80s classic dance-oriented music and high-energy performances, the fresh and vibrant Disco experience is one that draws people from all walks of life. Since its inception in late-2018, Disco has quickly become one of the hottest destinations for Austin nightlife with its regular gigs, themed parties and festivals. With a net worth of $785 million, Disco is shaping up to be one of the biggest and most influential music industry giants.


Since its inception, Disco has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular music experiences in Austin. Founded by Matt Haggard and his business partner Desmond Silver in 2018, Disco was created as a new way to bring the spirit of old classic sounds and experiences to the modern age. The founders saw Disco as an opportunity to create a musical platform that celebrated the classic genre and its commitment to giving the audience the ultimate experience on the dance floor.

The Rise of Disco

As the demand for a modern-day dance experience grew, so did Disco’s fan base. With its eclectic music selection and inclusive aesthetic, Disco attracted both locals and tourists alike. Business soon began to boom, and Disco became the go-to party spot for everyone from college students to seasoned professionals.


Disco’s success is continued today thanks to its team of experienced professionals. From production to marketing, the team at Disco prides itself on delivering a unique and immersive experience to its audience. In addition, the dancers and DJs at Disco have become stars in their own right, performing at premiere events across the country and entertaining an ever-expanding fan base.

Concerts and Events

In addition to its regular gigs, Disco also curates a wide array of themed parties and special events. From all-night raves to early-afternoon family-friendly events, the team at Disco has something for everyone. And with its growing popularity, and its commitment to showcasing the best in music and culture, Disco regularly plays host to some of the biggest musical acts from around the world.

What is austinbased disco 40m 785m?

Austinbased Disco 40m 785m is an Austin-based music and event production company that offers unique and creative entertainment experiences. They focus on creating an atmosphere through the use of sound, lighting, and video that connects people and creates lasting memories. The company provides services such as DJs, live music, photo booths, and event production.


Despite its relatively short history, Austin-based Disco has become one of the most talked about music and entertainment destinations in the city. With its $40 million net worth, the future of Disco looks brighter than ever and the team is confident that the demand for a modern-day dance experience will only increase. Disco’s commitment to delivering high-energy performances, unique experiences, and immersive entertainment have made it a must-visit spot for music and culture lovers alike.

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