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Signs Your Dog Needs Professional Grooming

Grooming is one of the most important parts of dog care, but many pet owners are unsure about how often their furry friend needs professional dog groomers in Sydney

While getting your dog groomed according to a particular schedule is the best approach you can follow, there are also other signs that tell if your dog needs grooming anytime soon or not.

 Signs Your Dog Needs Professional Grooming

Importance of Professional Grooming

While grooming your dog at home is an option, it’s not always the best possible option to go forward with. This is because you’re not fully equipped with the tools and knowledge your canine companion may require sometimes. 

This is where professional dog groomers step in. They know much more than only trimming your dog’s fur – they are experts in nail clipping, ear cleaning, de-matting, blow drying, and much more. Also, the experience of handling hundreds of dogs gives them an edge in keeping your furry pal calm and happy during sessions.
So, if you want your dog to look and feel the best, professional dog grooming services are the way to go!

Signs To Watch Out For

But how do you know when it’s time to bring your furry pal for grooming to these professionals? Look out for any of these three common signs to make your decision.

Matted or Tangled Fur

Mats form when your dog’s fur gets tangled around itself, forming tightly wound clumps of fur. Many dogs (especially those who enjoy water sports or have longer fur) develop mats when they go too long without proper grooming. These clumps of fur not only look terrible but can also raise the risk of skin infections by trapping dirt, debris, and pests in the coat and irritating the skin.

A professional groomer will probably need to shave off at least one or two layers of your dog’s fur to remove the matted portion. Your groomer will also trim and style the rest of the fur as needed to leave your dog looking happy and healthy again.

Presence of Ticks and Fleas

Is your furry friend itching more than usual? It’s probably because he has ticks and fleas. These are common parasites that can make a home in your dog’s coat at any point in time. Also, if not treated timely, they can have a detrimental effect on your dog’s skin and health.

So, if your dog is scratching excessively or has irritated skin, it means that it needs grooming immediately! A professional groomer often has products like shampoos and conditioners designed specifically to remove these parasites from your dog. They can also give your companion a nice short trim to ensure the ticks have no place to hide.

Long Nails

Do you hear clicking sounds when your dog walks on hardwood floors? If yes, then it means that your dog’s nails are too long and need to be clipped as soon as possible. You may think, “It’s pretty simple; I’ll do it myself,” but that’s not always possible.

If you don’t have any experience in cutting your dog’s nails, you may accidentally cut too deeply into the nail or the vein behind it. This can lead to bleeding and a painful experience for your dog.

So, if you notice that your furry pal has long nails, it’s better to go to a groomer for clipping their nails. They will cut those overgrown nails carefully down to size without hurting your dog.


So, there you have it! Professional grooming is the secret to keeping your furry buddy happy and healthy. It’s more than just a trim – these experts take care of nails and pesky parasites, too. 

If you spot tangled fur or ticks or hear those tap-tap-tapping nails, it’s time for a pro to step in. Your pup will love the attention and look paws-itively amazing! 

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